Saturday’s Top Romantic eBooks

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Never Let Go
by Sherryl Woods


As a psychologist, Mallory Blake knew there were times when one had to let go. She also knew just how much it hurt. After her husband’s death, she’d packed up her belongings and moved to San Francisco, wishing it was as easy to box up her memories and seal away her regrets. But she had her patients at the hospital who helped her move forward, patients like six-year-old Davey. The broken little boy needed Mallory—not that his doctor agreed.

Mallory had heard the rumors about neurosurgeon Justin Whitmore. She had experienced firsthand his temper, his impossible standards and his undeniable charm… #ad

The Lady Travelers Guide to Larceny with a Dashing Stranger
by Victoria Alexander


She must secure her future

A lady should never be obliged to think of matters financial! But when Lady Wilhelmina Bascombe’s carefree, extravagant lifestyle vanishes with the demise of her husband, her only hope lies in retrieving a family treasure—a Renaissance masterpiece currently in the hands of a cunning art collector in Venice. Thankfully, the Lady Travelers Society has orchestrated a clever plan to get Willie to Europe, leading a tour of mothers and daughters . . . and one curiously attentive man… #ad

Fourth of July at Barbecue Corral
by Irene Onorato


Rachel Valentino’s life is turned upside down…by a tornado. Things only get worse when her sister dumps her pre-teen daughter on Rachel then disappears for months on end.

As if her situation isn’t complicated enough, fate brings Seth Garrison, an old high school crush, back into town. But Rachel has bistro to run and her niece’s welfare is resting on her shoulders. Who has time for romantic pursuits? Then again, Seth does have a way of capturing and holding her attention… #ad

Up to Snow Good
by Beatrice Fishback


It’s almost Christmas, and Daisy McFarland must leave her quaint British home for the holidays. Aunt Juliet, her last living relative, has passed away. As the sole heir, it is Daisy’s responsibility to sell the childhood home she grew up in and liquidate her aunt’s assets in Windswept Pines, North Carolina.

Unexpected surprises face Daisy once she’s back in the States.Encounters with three teaching colleagues—otherwise known as the I.C.E. Queens—whose ill treatment over the years had been a primary reason for her move to England, appear genuinely happy to see her. But is their behavior merely a ruse? #ad

A Light Last Seen
by Grace Greene


Jaynie Highsmith grows up in Cub Creek wanting only to escape from it and the chaos of her childhood. Desperate to leave her past behind and make a new life, she is determined to become the best version of herself she can create. But when she does take off, she also leaves ~ and forgets ~ important parts of her past and herself.

The new life is everything she wants, or so she thinks until it falls apart… #ad

A Scarred Duke’s Beauty
by Abigail Agar


Lilith Bergerac is not who others think she is – certain others, at least. The product of an illicit affair, Lilith arrived in England from France, and ever since, she has struggled to fit in. To make matters worse, she is unexpectedly thrown into a web of lies when her father arranges for her to marry the mysterious Duke of Blackmore. Despite her reluctance and the secrets she must keep, Lilith’s strong spirit and compassionate heart begin to unravel the hardened exterior of the enigmatic duke.

Will she make the right impression, or will her past be her downfall? #ad

The Honey Trap
by Theo Baxter


Kara knows exactly what she wants to be. A widow. Kara Bryant is everything Chris Abrams ever wanted. She’s passionate, beautiful, and smart. She’s also married to his boss.

When millionaire Perry Bryant offers psychologist Chris a position on his healthcare staff it seems the perfect chance for Chris to escape the mistakes of his past and start over.

But then he meets Perry’s wife, Kara. She takes his breath away. It soon becomes clear she wants him just as much as he wants her. And more… much more… #ad

‘I Choose You’ Romance Collection
by Multiple Authors


7 Full-Length Novels!

Come Next Winter by Deborah Dulworth and Linda Hanna
Runaway Romance by Miralee Ferrell
Finding Love in Friday Harbor, Washington by Annette M. Irby
A Love to Treasure by Kimberly Rose Johnson
An Anchor on Her Heart by Patricia Lee
The Broken Trail by Christa MacDonald
Finding Love in Eureka, California by Angela Ruth Strong #ad